Monday, February 28, 2011

Total case of the Mondays...

So it's only 10:30 and I already want to crawl back in bed and watch Fashion Police where they will be judging all of last nights Oscar gowns. I just feel like work should be optional on days like this. Days where you know you are not going to be as productive as you would like bc all  you can think about is when you are gonna get to jet out of here at lunch and what are you doing when you finally do get home from work for the night. The only thing I enjoy about this day is my outfit... khaki colored dress pants, a flowly floral top with a cropped blue cardigan and a chunky beaded necklace with wavy hair to prepare for the storm that will hit just in time for me to drive home tonight. When I left the house this morning I was thinking of all the things I would like to be doing today and the first includes a revamping of my guest room. Right now it is being used as my laundry room. I wish I could hire a closet organizer like Kim Kardashian to just go do it while I'm at work. I also wish that I had a cleaning lady to clean while I'm at work. Whenever I think of things like this I realize that I am destined to be filthy rich bc I find these activities far too trivial for my seemingly fabulous life. Nope, I think I'm just kinda lazy. I like to have a day where I do absolutely nothing but watch mindless TV and flash in and out of consciuosness. But the problem with that day is that now I still have some laundry to do, I still need to go to the grocery store, I still have to swiffer the hard woods, and I have neither the energy or time to do all those things when I get home tonight.

I was much more aware of my eating habits this weekend which was good and bad. Good bc I did not consume a months worth of calories within a 2 day span. Bad bc I ate very little before my all day drinking on Saturday which led me to be less than even slightly productive yesterday. So the weekend score stands at, Chardonnay 1, Mal 0. The lesson here is that if you want to drink 5 or more glasses of wine, eat more than 5 bites of blackened salmon salad. Just sayin...

On this day where I will use any excuse to do anything but work I am drawn to racapping the events of last night and this morning. Last night was the Oscars and all I will say is that I clearly need to see the Kings Speech. It won like every single award! I was glad that Natalie Portman won for Black Swann. As freaky as the movie is...she was fantastic in it. I loved that everyone gave very emotional thank you speeches about their significant others. I feel that if I ever gave an Oscar speech it would totally be from the heart and not a list of people that I read off a scrap napkin.

I also saw on the news this morning, before the Oscar talk began again, that Charlie Sheen is starting to do a series of very crack filled interviews for network TV. His first was this morning on the Today Show. All I can say is WOW! Let me cut a piece from SNL's called Really Charlie Sheen? Really???

Really Charlie Sheen? You thought that no one would notice your sunkin cheeks and seemingly gaunt complexion? Do you seriously think people are dumb enough to believe that you are "off" drugs?? Really? And do you really expect all the addicts in the world to believe that you cleared your addiction with your mind? Really? And did you just refer to yourself as a super star from Mars? Really? And now you are asking for 3 million an episode bc of what CBS has put you through. Let me just see if I have this correct....You are the addict that acted beyond selfishly, went on a rant about the writers on the show, got all these people out of work, went on yet another rant about how good you are at "winning", and then YOU deserve an apology and 3 million an episode? REALLY?

This guy has really lost his damn mind! I feel bad for his family bc I'm sure they are beyond embarrassed. I hope that he gets some real help and then he can look back at this on an episode of Oprah 10 years from now and explain what drug he was on when he conducted every single one of these interviews. He is slated for another interview on GMA tomorrow so I'm anxiously awaiting the giant car crash that has become his life. I'm watching for sure bc I really can't even fathom what life would be like when you are that arrogant!

Ok well thats it for today. I guess I need to go earn my paycheck now...even though I really don't want to....please imagine me stomping around like a bratty 5 year old bc that's what I wish I could do at this second. I guess I'll settle for drinking my water bottle and counting down the seconds until I get to go take a 20 minute snooze in the car at lunch time.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Who invented Body Image anyway??

So in several conversations I have had this week I have seen a common theme..BODY IMAGE. This is one of my least favorite topics but this week I have decided that maybe that's because I usually avoid the conversation when I'm having a bad body image week. And clearly Sunday my own insecurities pushed me into crazy town and this happens to us all. Am I right ladies???

I did this little experiment with a friend of mine last week to show how distorted everyones own image is of themselves. She showed me a picture and said, "this is what I think I look like". The picture was of Cheryl Burke (Dancing with the Stars) and while Cheryl is a beautiful girl, my friend is like 20 lbs smaller. So I then went into my handy dandy lap top to show my friend what I think I look like. I am sorta embarrassed to tell you what I googled to show her...ummm....ok I googled "fat girl". Sooo sad! I showed her the picture that I thought looked the most like me and she was shocked and laughing at the same time. She said that this picture was of a woman that was "3 times my size". This whole experiment really got me thinking. What do we really look like and will we ever see it or are we too wrapped up in our own image of what we think we look like???

We diet, we work out, and even in our younger days I'm sure some of us did other things like straight up starving or throwing up everything we ate. Why do we torture ourselves?? Isn't the real issue just to be healthier?? And if being healthy is the only thing then why do we sabotage and eat bad food?? I mean I totally get that it tastes good. I have finally had to come to terms with that fact that I may or may not have an addiction to french fries. But it just kinda baffles me that when we do eat the bad food, we mentally abuse ourselves for hours after really makes no sense.

All this inquisistion came to a head last night when my BF was telling me to drink this nasty green stuff that he swears by. I bought this plastic water bottle that has the thing you put in the freezer so that water is cold all day in it.  It also comes with a glorious straw that ensures I am not even aware of the insane amount of water that I am actually drinking. This amount of water drinking is good until I am in the bathroom every 20 minutes. Well, my water bottle thing was jacked by my man candy and now he drinks this nasty green stuff mixed with water and trys to get me to drink it every chance he gets. Listen honey, I don't want to drink your swamp water!!! So last night when my stubborn attitude reared its ugly head again we got into a very interesting discussion. He said he wants me to drink it because it helps with the pH levels in the body. I was adamant about not wanting to drink this stuff and throwing in every single thing I do to ensure I am healthy 70% of the time and then he got to throw that back in my face because I am in fact a......SMOKER.

This conversation was him telling me that he does want me to die young and that I should really just be more conscience about some of my more bad habits. Here are some things I asked for clarity on from him that amazed me....

1) Do you think I'm fat?
2) Why do you think I'm sooo "unhealthy" just bc I smoke??
3) Why can't you just except me for who I am??

Ok I laughed at them later in the conversation bc clearly he never said I was fat or that he does not except me but it was interesting that I heard those things. It doesn't take a veteran therapist to know that I clearly have some issues about myself that I need to work out on my own. I guess those old body image issues will jump out at ya even when you least expect it. Should I be healthier...of course. My weekend "I'm allowed to to eat whatever bc I'm sooo good during the week" attitude needs to be bridled. I also 100% need to stop smoking...I know I know..please no lecture...I get them all the time from everyone I know. And I really need to except myself for who I am and what I look like.  So I don't have the best body image..I'm workin on it! So I have an addiction to french I just need to learn how to enjoy them baked and with minimal salt and I'm golden (no pun intended).

In conclusion, I'm still not drinking the nasty green stuff but I am open to the idea that with better eating habits comes better body image. You look good=you feel good...makes sense to me. But I also want to stress that the reason these things correlate so well is that if you truly love yourself enough then you will want to feel good about yourself so you should stay away from all things that would potentially harm your body or your body image. This concept is soo much easier said than done. Women are constantly judged by how we look not how we feel we look so its an uphill battle everyday. Guess its baby steps and little reminders that feeling good about yourself tastes waaaayyy better then any food.

Until next time....

Monday, February 21, 2011

Is Basketball prettier than me???

Ok time for another vent session!!!

So last night and most of yesterday was a very chill day. After church my BF and I came home to watch scary movies and relax (and who doesnt like to watch violence after a meeting with God?? Ok its weird I know). I fell asleep during the movie and then he fell asleep after and woke up just in time for the NBA All Star game. I was well aware that this game was coming on so before it started I did my good GF act of ordering food so he didn't even have to get up off the couch other then to go to the bathroom. Since the night before I had promised him a massage at around 9:30 I told him that an hour later we would commence with said massage. He nodded and said ok. At 10:30 he acted as if I had asked him to run a marathon and or clip off all his finger nails to the base. WTF???????? So needless to say we ended up arguing bc he thought that the basketball game was more important than spending time with me!! I went to my room seathing and he came in later (during a commercial break) to give me a kiss and say "you know I love you". Once I heard the game come back on he rushed back in the room like there was a fire. I finally fell asleep and then when I woke up at 5:15 for work I rose out of bed with full on RAGE! So here is the dilema that I need assitance with today. Here is the question I must ask all men and please dont get offended.......WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YA'LL??????

A beautiful woman wants to spend quality, uninterrupted, intimate time with you and you can't find the energy to peel your lazy ass off the couch to do it. I have DVR..record the damn game...then you can watch it and replay anything you could watch it 85 times if your heart desires. You know what can't be DVR'd??? That's right...the same beautiful woman that wants to be with you. I am beyond angry...obviously! I tried to slam every item in my kitchen this morning to further reveal my anger. I gave no kiss goodbye this morning and I have no intentions of being the one to cave. I also left a note that said, "next time you wanna do what you did last night, why don't you actually slap me in the face bc that has to feel better...yep still really upset". Here is what I want.......................

I want an apology and that apology will be excepted in the form of...on your knees begging, flowers, a beautiful letter written about how sorry you are and how stupid you are for rejecting me and putting basketball in front of me, a clean house and my ipod downloaded (yeah that'll work) or a phone call at work stating your plan to make me not want to actually make your life a living hell for the next week.

Sorry for some of you boys to have to hear the inner workings of the female mind at a heightned state of's not a pretty picture and I'm well aware of that but come least come up with a better excuse than the basketball game is on. Fake a damn stomach problem or something. The last thing on earth you ever want to do is reject a woman and let her feel that something must be wrong with her. There is nothing wrong with are just an idiot!!!

I'm pretty sure that this anger will keep me highly functional all day and possibly the rest of the week unless something is done to calm it. I am going to lunch with The Board of Directors today (my gf's in case you forgot) and I'm not sure if I will have a full vent session but I do know that my plans for the rest of the day do not include seeing or doing anything for him.

The gym will be welcomed relief today and then the grocery store will take at least an hour. That will put me home just in time to not see him which will ensure that I don't kill him and then if I'm still super pissed off, I'm sure I will get done everything that I didn't get to finish this weekend. Anger is good for cleaning!

Boys are retarded and even after talking to my male co-workers about why all boys are in fact retarded...I feel no closer to understanding the complete lack of brain power that men live with. Watch out dude...the storm is coming!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH LIVID!!!! Stay tuned for what happens later....maybe watch for me on the 5 o'clock news (obvi I'm kidding..but seriously I'm pissed off if you didn't pick up on that)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day: Curse or Actual Day of Love

I normally am not a big fan of V-Day...I always say "it's a lame excuse to do something nice for someone that you should be doing all year anyway". Seriously, I say that every year!! This day also makes me think about my V-Day's over the years. I thought I would share these stories with you...

In highschool I was just like any other blonde bitch (think Mean Girls) bc I treated boys like they were disposable so my V-Day's were usually spent by someone taking me out to dinner and confessing their love while I sat staring into space like a complete jerk. I know I know that sounded really awful...but I did have an "ah ha" moment at the beginning of college and no longer treated boys this way. My brother started liking girls and I realized that boys were human and had feelings.

In college I had the same BF all throughout so we spent V-Day going to dinner and exchanging presents. The only time we had a funny V-Day was my junior year of college when he told me to dress up really nice bc we were going to have a really special night. I freaked out! I had all hands on deck for that one. I had my friends so nervous that my roommates were standing right out side my door from the minute my BF got there just to see if they could hear a potential proposal going down. I ended up getting a 7 day cruise to the Carribbean from him for my pending 21st birthday. I cried sooo hard..mainly bc I was sooo happy that he didn't propose...I was only 20.

The next 3 years I spent V-Day with the "lonely hearts club" aka, my girlfriends. These probably consisted of staying in and cooking as to avoid the lovey dovey crowd all while getting rip roaring wasted! Always keepin it classy with ma ladies.

I do remember my next V-Day bc it was spent with my ex, the devil, and it was the tail end of our relationship so I ended up getting a VS gift card for an outfit that he acutally never saw...haha LOSER! He also paid for some laser hair removal that he also never got to see...I love every second of that thought..I just smiled! I also remember that it was not even a fun date...we were sooo over and I just didn't know it yet.

Last year was the the best and worst all rolled into 1. I have a friend that I used to date about 4 years ago and we still keep in touch. He wanted something more serious, I didn' know the rest. So he decided that he wanted to come in town for V-Day and he asked to take me out to dinner...I said yes. Over the next several weeks I was showered with presents. One week it was flowers, the next it was a custom made teddy bear, there was candy, and cards galore! The weekend he came I felt awful bc I realized that as hard as I tried, I just was not attracted to the guy. We have nothing in common! He took me to dinner and in the middle of dinner he told me that he wanted more and I again felt like a jerk bc I knew that I didn't. When he dropped me off I was sure that he would never want to talk to me again..I mean, he worked sooo hard and I just said "no thanks", I'm a jerk! A few days later is when my BF and I really started our this year we are celebrating V-Day and our anniversary at the same time.

I'm not sure what we are doing but I do know that he told me that he has to meet his mom in order to get my present. I'm nervous and have called in my Board of Directors for some insight on this. What is the Board of Directors you ask?? My friends....we are a very exclusive group and decisions must be passed in front of the board before finalization. I'm clearly exaggerating but it's nice to throw something in front of people you love and trust for honest feedback..just sayin!

But really what I wan to say is this...V-Day is kinda stupid. Don't even think about it as a couples holiday. Think of it as a day to celebrate who ya love...your family, friends, pets, and most importantly...the gorgeous person staring back at you in the mirror!!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Ok so I admit that I have totally been slacking in the "blog" department and I sware its for good reason. I've been busy..isn't that how it always goes? Anyway, I have a lot to catch up on so here goes...

So 2011 gives me a new lease on life and right when I think things are going great, we (my BF and I) got the news that his grandfather passed away. We jetted down to sunny Tampa, FL to attend the funeral. I have not been to a funeral since I was 7 years old and I was just in no way prepared for what I saw/experienced. It was an open casket and the sight of his grandfather laying there was just...well...scary! I tried really hard not to cry during the service bc I felt like I shouldn't. I had only met his grandfather once and I guess I was afraid that it would offend someone if I cried. So bc I didnt cry I got a raging headache due to the incessant biting of my lips, tongue, and even teeth grinding that had to occur in order for me not to cry. The weekend was exhausting but on the way home a crazy thing happened....the funeral made my BF think a lot about marriage.

We have talked about our future before but I am not the girl that runs the ship in that arena. I try to not bring it up directly but I ask questions about his take on finances, parenting, and religion so that I at least have an understanding about where his head is and if we are compatible. Well after the funeral he was talking about everything except a color scheme and the song list for the reception. It was crazy and awesome all at the same time. I have never heard a guy talk like that....he actually cares how that day goes down. It was adorable and it got me thinking about life/death/love/and friends.'s a muda fucka! Life never turns out the way we plan but sometimes it turns out better. A friend of mine just went through a breakup and as hard as a situation like that can always try to find solace in the fact that it happened for a reason and at least you could be dodging a divorce with babies later down the line. I don't think my life has turned out the way I thought it would when I was in 5th grade and we had to pretend we were at a class reunion. I think I pretended that I was a model with a thriving career, married with 2 kids, all by the age of 25. But thats life and hey, I get to pretend I'm a model every time I go out with my girlfriends, I do have a thriving career (just not in modeling), I have 1 kid (my dog) and I'm still under 30.

Death is not cool....AT ALL! Funerals are not fun and I guess I didn't realize that before attending one. But it really got me thinking about the people in my life. My parents....I am definitely not ready to say goodbye to them and I don't think I ever will be but I am ready to be closer than ever with my siblings. My sister and I had a great conversation only days after the funeral and I told her that I can't wait for us to get older and take vacations with our families. My brother cracks me up and I am excited for him to start introducing us to his GF's. They dont stand a chance in hell between my sister and I. Haha just kidding Chase! And it also made me think about the other people in my family..extended family. It's just so cool that we are all connected. I guess the funeral made me think about making the most out of life and also giving time and attention to the people that will be there no matter what!

Love is what keeps us together! This is very true in the case of me and my BF. We do love each other and that's why we work out the little issues here and there. If I didn't love him and he didn't love me then we wouldn't keep coming back to this place everyday and for me that says a lot about our future as well. Love also makes me think a lot about my sister....I won't go into too much detail here bc that is a whole other post in itself. My sister needs love and I want to be able to love her the way sisters are meant to love. I feel like if I keep reaching out then we can start rebuilding. Stay tuned for that one!

And to my peeps, my girls, my are my outlet! In a crazy world with death, love, addictions, and conflicts, you are the ones I turn to in order to give me a more logical perspective. The times I laugh the hardest have usually been with my girls. And the times I've cried the harderst has usually been with my girls too. I know that we all have moments where we get scared about how with this relationship turn out? What will I do if I have to start over? What will I do if he breaks my heart? What will I do if I don't "find" someone? If we can all agree that our circle is a safe place to land after every one of these falls then I think we are way ahead of the rest of the world. Muah!

Ok more to come soon. Happy Super Bowl weekend!