Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crazy Towne is always nice this time of year...

Ok so everyone is aware that women are a little crazy! There are no exceptions to this rule. There are women who are less crazy than other women, but for the most part we all book a first class ticket to Crazy Towne every now and then. I have been to Crazy Towne once or twice and as I get older I am more and more aware of the triggers that aid in getting me there faster and decipher how long my stay will be. If you have read the post about the "basketball incident" you have a window into the concepts I will delve further into in this post. Here are the things that make me feel the desire to breathe fire!

1) Facebook is the devil: Being in a relationship and having Facebook is an uphill battle every time. I know that I cannot control what other people post on my BF's wall and every single thing can be misunderstood because the context is lost in translation. I will give you an example....I had a few pics of myself that I posted on FB and a friend of mine made a comment about me that hurt my feelings. I called my BF and he was very sweet and made me feel much better. My mom was cute and made a comment about the pic to show that she thought it was a great pic..gotta love that my mom will always defend me to anyone that has a problem with my pic posting! Sooooooo in seeing things that my BF posts bc it always pops up on my FB, I saw that he had a friend go through a similar situation. When he saw the flack the poor girl was getting he immiediately responded by saying, "as her agent, he wanted all hating to stop bc her face was going to determine the success of their future". I think my eyeball started twitching when I saw this. I get that it's a friend and I think I would care waaayyy less if she was not cute but she is very pretty and so I suddenly start to hear the choo choo of the Crazy Train coming my way. I have never met this girl and I have never heard him talk about her. It is on FB so it's not like he is trying to hide anything but why did he comment on her page and not my page when I'm the one that actually called him crying. ALLL ABOARD!! See how that I'm getting my ticket stamped for a ride straight into Crazy Towne...population: ME.

2) When I'm not at work, I hate making decisions. I make decisions all day long. I want a man in my life that tells me what to do sometimes. I don't want to be the one to decide where to eat, what to watch, when to clean, what to cook..the list goes on and on. Let me give you an example of this...Yesterday at work was a loooong day. I had some amazing appointments that really left me exhausted. By 2 pm my earlier decision to go to the grocery store was a fleeting idea. I just thought of the whole in heels, driving home in the rain, taking all the groceries up the stairs, putting them away, taking out what needed to be cooked, putting everything away after I cooked, cleaning the dishes...OMG are you exhausted now too?? It just sounded awful so I called my BF and said that I no longer wanted to go to the grocery store so I was gonna grab food on the way home and what did he want. Well I guess I threw a wrench in his whole night bc he thought he was eating home cooked food so now he didnt know what he wanted to eat and was irritated with me about making him try and make a decision about his food preference right then. I was totally annoyed with myself but it was bc I was really tired and seriously just needed to go to bed. Then when I finally decided what I wanted I grabbed him food also and of course as luck would have it...he gave me a "don't get sweet tea from this place again..its sucks". So now I'm feeling like a failure bc I didn't realize exactly what type of sweet tea he liked and does not ever like. This scenario takes me straight to...yep you guessed it Crazy Towne. This is a different type of ticket's to hang out in the SadVille Pub does not allow me to go anywhere else within CrazyTown.

3) General unawareness of my mood and feelings: Ok this is where all men fail miserably and women seem super duper difficult and crazy! When I get together with my GF's it always amazes me that they know exactly what to say, when to say it, and they do this even when I might not be fully aware of what I even need....they are all psychic and its absolutely incredible! We give each other endless amounts of compliments and make sure we all feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. Now I go spend time with my BF and expect him to do the same which is a totally unreasonable expectation bc he rarely knows exactly what I need to hear..I have to tell him! This makes me and every girl I know CRAZY! We want you to read us like we read each other and we do realize that this is not possible but we wish...oh how we just did it all the time without us having to tell you. This scenario can be plugged into any marriage, BF/GF relationship and it will ensure that a woman will jump on the CrazyTown train and may not come back for days!!!!

So in conclusion, it's annoying to be me sometimes bc I wish someone just knew what went on inside my head so that they would act accordingly. I would never want a ticket to Crazy Towne ever again! Until that day comes...I'll see ya there ladies! I call dibs on the Swirling Tornado of Anger's my FAV!