Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To the "hoes" in different area codes....

So this weekend once again made me realize what awesome friends I have!! We went out, we had fun, and we forgot about the men in our lives that continue to rival a complete douchepocolypse! I also had a revelation about the world we live in today and the fact that soo much of what we hear about is men cheating. I have to blame some of it on the ladies. Yes ladies, I'm sorry but its my turn to flip the mirror and hopefully help some of you see what a HUGE problem you are contributing to. This of course will not apply to all women but you will know if I'm talking about you soo..LISTEN UP!

If  you are the girl that feels like the only thing you have to offer a suitor is your body, I'm talking to you. If you are a girl that finds out a guy is in a relationship or is married and you still get your flirt on, I'm talking to you. If you are the girl that whispers in a guys ear that you would be better than his girlfriend in sooo many ways, I'm talking to you. If you are the girl that says you don't have any girlfriends but you have tons of guy friends, I'm talking to you. If you are the girl who would breakup a relationship or marriage and not care, I'm talking to you. I have one question to ask you.....WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????

You are making it very difficult for ALL women to have any sort of camaraderie. Yes of course its his fault for cheating and trust me.....he will have to answer to a much higher power someday. He is at fault for not dismissing your advances and giving in to your seduction but, why are you seducing him to begin with?? Is it some fucked up power trip that you can get a guy to leave his relationship?? Is it bc some girl did it to you and you feel you have something to prove?? Why not look at the guy who told you that he is in a relationship and is still hitting on you, to get a life and go flirt with his significant other. Be offended for his partner...it could be you one day! Wouldn't it be nice if all girls decided that we would no longer even entertain the idea that a man can cheat. Don't let him have the chance!

Last week it was clear that I had a little bit of rage!! I felt like all the girls that inapporiately flirted and knew "he" had a girlfriend, were directly slapping me in the face. Don't ask for a guys phone number if you KNOW he has a girlfriend....it's gross and makes you even worse than him!! I have discussed Facebook many times and my thoughts on it are pretty clear. Facebook=The Devil!!! If a guys profile says that he is "in a realtionship" the word LOVE better not come out of you mouth (or typed from you fingers) unless he is your brother, father, or family relative in any way. Even if you are "friends" with a guy and you think you are just such such such good friends....back it up when he has a girlfriend! Its rude, inconsiderate, and extremely disrespectful! Ohhh and if he doesn't write that stuff to you...than you even more so do not have the right. His girlfriend and he will be sharing the "I love you's" from here thanks!

A guy last week reached out to me on Facebook and said, "hey beautiful". I looked at his profile and noticed he was "in a realtionsjip", so this caused me to snap!!! I wrote him back the following message, "Hello. I noticed on your profile that you are in a relationship. I find it incredibly offensive that you would reach out and try to hit on me on Facebook. If you want to flirt with someone, flirt with your girlfriend. You've just been blocked". Basically to paraphrase, "here is your ass...I think you dropped it". So hunny, whoever you are...I got you! Your man will certainly not be hitting on me anymore and hopefully he learned something. If you are in a relationship....do not reach out and hit on other girls on Facebook. If you want to be single...be fucking single!

So ladies, if you are the girl that just has to flirt with boys (trust me I get it..flirting is awesome) please flirt with a guy that is not committed to someone else. Because if he is flirting with you and you somehow weasel him out of that realtionship....he's gonna turn around and do the same thing to you at some point. Let's be better than that! As girls, lets set the bar a little higher for ourselves. And if  you are "that girl" and you read this and still don't care....well you are an idiot!  You can either choose to be with us or against us....against is not nearly as intelligent. My educated friends with amazing jobs will be your hiring manager someday and guess what....THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL WE'RE HIRING YOU WITH THAT ATTITUDE!! So go get some self esteem and realize that you do have more to offer than just sex but you have to be willing to throw a drink in his face to see that.

In conclusion, be appropriate and think about other people's feeling once in a while. What if you were the girlfriend or wife?? How would you want the girls to proceed?? Don't let the guys get away with all this cheating! We have to set the bar! That is all and I'm sorry if I was harsh but sometimes the best love..is the toughest!

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