Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birds of a feather....

So it's on to Day 4 and for the first time this week I did not cry all the way to work. In fact, I didn't cry at all this morning. Maybe it's bc I got really into making sure my Audrey Heburn look goes unscathed today. I decided on a black sheath dress, high black strappy heels, crystal drop earrings and a killer up-do. The hair is getting more attention than I ever expected...and from all the boys in my office no less. Well, I mainly work with men so maybe it's not that shocking. Even though my eyes haven't been stained with mascara filled tears yet, last night was a much different story..

While watching So You Think You Can Dance, I had a pretty sad little break down. The kind of breakdown where you know if you picked up the phone to call someone they would immediately jump in there car and drive over to your house in fear that you may just end it all. I decided against calling anyone bc I knew the tears would pass and the breakdown may honestly make it easier to sleep. Although I did fall asleep fairly quickly last night, I woke up at 4:30 am and stared at the ceiling til 6. In my staring daze I had soo many thoughts running through my head and it really relates to one of my favorite sayings, "you are only as good as the company you keep". This is also commonly referred to as "birds of a feather, flock together". It brought back soo many memories of who "he" is associated with and I thought I would over-analyze just a tad :)

His best friend is someone that I do not trust as far as I could throw him! I saw him parade a new girl to each party we attended for what seemed like months. I'm sure it was probably only like 3 times, but it disgusted me all the same. If this dude were single and proud, I would laugh off this "player-like" behavior but instead he was in a committed relationship..or so SHE thought. I would hear her talk about how happy they were and how much she loved him, and then I'm seeing him with the skank squad everytime we interact. I told my "x" that I felt uncomfortable being around someone who has no regard for how to treat women, and especially a woman he was in an apparent relationship with at the time. "He" made me feel like I was being judgemental and that the girlfriend knew about these torrid affairs and she didn't care. She knew what she was getting into with him and she was ok with it. But was I ok with my BF having the idea that this was ok?? Was I ok with letting him spend time with someone who thought cheating was perfectly acceptable?? Well, apparently I was bc I did not walk away at the first sight of this bad company/birds of a feather incident. If birds of a feather flock together....then obviously I was with someone that probably went around parading skanky women at parties I did not attend or know about, and I'm sure everytime I came back around his friends looked at me like I was stupid. Well for all the people that perhaps knew something like that was happening and did not tell me...FUCK YOU!!!! You are clearly friends with "him" bc no friend of mine would let that shit slide!

If birds of a feather flock together than to set my bar, I will not be associating with the following people who have friends with the following qualities...

-Drug abuser
-Perpetually late
-Have I mentioned that I will refuse to be associated with ANYONE that is incapable of telling the truth?? Just in case you haven't gotten it yet....I HATE LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you claim to be a Christian....why can the truth never come out of your mouth??? I don't expect everyone to tell the truth all the time but hey.....90% is not too much to ask!! And you know....I deserve the truth 90% of the time!!!

So if you are surrounded by people in your life that are only in it for themselves and they don't really care who they hurt along the way, do yourself a favor and RUN THE HELL AWAY FROM THEM!!! They are bringing no value what-so-ever to your life and you are not setting up a good group of birds to flock with.

I think I will stick with my birds that are caring, loving, patient, kind, self-less, and most importantly...HONEST!!! If you are only as good as the company you keep....I am in really good company!

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