Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How was 2010?? Why and HOW will 2011 be better??

So my friend got me addicted to this site called  thedailylove.com.  They send me emails now every morning and its just a great way to start the day! It has inspirational quotes and things to reflect on about your life. I seriously love it (almost as much as lipgloss) Anyway, the email today had a couple questions that I thought would be perfect for anyone to ask themselves heading into 2011. Here they are and my answers to these as well....

1. What are you MOST happy with about 2010? What good things happened? What are you proud of most and why? 

  • Most happy that my sister is finally turning her life around. For those of you that don't know, my sister suffers from drug addiction and at the end of 2010 she is now sober and really seems to be focused on her recovery. It will be a long hard road but I have every confidence that she can do it!
  • The good things that happened were that I bought a house, I got a new job, I started dating a great guy (yes he is great despite the hiccups we have had) My brother seems really happy this year as compared to last year, my group of friends in Atlanta finally seems established, and I feel like I have learned so much this year.
  • I am most proud of growing up! This year has been such a learning process in relationships, career, finances, and spiritual growth. I have learned that even though I am a crazy control freak, there are some things that I will NEVER be able to control and I have to be ok with that. God will never give me anything that I cannot handle and if he needs me to see something, he will bring it to light.
2. What sucked about last year and why? What mistakes did you make? What would you do differently? What would you never want to do again? (This isn't to beat yourself up, it's to get an honest assessment of the last year).
  • Last year did have some low moments...My job with Forest Pharm was really forcing me to look at some things about myself that I wasn't ready to see yet. Now I realize that those tough situations are only there to make me better in life and my career. It was really difficult to go through some of those things but with my new job getting into full swing in 2011, I know that I am a better employee because of my hardships with Forest.
  • Mistakes that I made were related to work and myself. Mistakes at work were related to admin work that I needed to pay better attention to in order to be more effective. For myself it was related to learning how to take better care of myself. I didn't work out nearly as much in 2010 as I did in 2009 and I know that it is something that brings me sustained happiness so in 2011 you will find me at the gym!
  • Things I would do differently would probably be becoming a better listener. People have an inate desire to be heard and the people around me that I love dearly need my undivided support in the form of me just sitting and listening to whatever it is they need to get off their chest. I know I will learn so much more about people if I just stop talking and listen! (I'm in sales...it's hard for me to stop talking)
  • What I will never do again is think that the world is ending because something didn't turn out exactly like I wanted. I used to get soooo upset when relationships ended or if I made a mistake or if I realized that I wasn't perfect at something. Now, I just take the criticism with a undefensive heart and I also really know now that everything happens for a reason and there is no sense in getting all broken up about things that you cannot change. Of course it's ok to be sad when you feel sad but now I understand on a deeper level that what is meant to happen is going to happen...so I better just go with it!
3. What new rituals are you wiling to commit to in 2011 to get the results you want? What new habits will you form to take your life to the next level?
  • Well I mentioned earlier that I will be going to the gym A LOT more! Since I now have a job that is more 8-5 I will be going to the gym after work. It will also give me time to wait out the traffic...if you haven't heard..Atlanta traffic is the worst!!
  • New habits will also be..being more organized, drinking enough water, and cooking more (I love to cook) All these things may seem trivial but they will all make me feel better and that leads to me being happier with life and most importantly...myself!

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