Monday, February 21, 2011

Is Basketball prettier than me???

Ok time for another vent session!!!

So last night and most of yesterday was a very chill day. After church my BF and I came home to watch scary movies and relax (and who doesnt like to watch violence after a meeting with God?? Ok its weird I know). I fell asleep during the movie and then he fell asleep after and woke up just in time for the NBA All Star game. I was well aware that this game was coming on so before it started I did my good GF act of ordering food so he didn't even have to get up off the couch other then to go to the bathroom. Since the night before I had promised him a massage at around 9:30 I told him that an hour later we would commence with said massage. He nodded and said ok. At 10:30 he acted as if I had asked him to run a marathon and or clip off all his finger nails to the base. WTF???????? So needless to say we ended up arguing bc he thought that the basketball game was more important than spending time with me!! I went to my room seathing and he came in later (during a commercial break) to give me a kiss and say "you know I love you". Once I heard the game come back on he rushed back in the room like there was a fire. I finally fell asleep and then when I woke up at 5:15 for work I rose out of bed with full on RAGE! So here is the dilema that I need assitance with today. Here is the question I must ask all men and please dont get offended.......WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YA'LL??????

A beautiful woman wants to spend quality, uninterrupted, intimate time with you and you can't find the energy to peel your lazy ass off the couch to do it. I have DVR..record the damn game...then you can watch it and replay anything you could watch it 85 times if your heart desires. You know what can't be DVR'd??? That's right...the same beautiful woman that wants to be with you. I am beyond angry...obviously! I tried to slam every item in my kitchen this morning to further reveal my anger. I gave no kiss goodbye this morning and I have no intentions of being the one to cave. I also left a note that said, "next time you wanna do what you did last night, why don't you actually slap me in the face bc that has to feel better...yep still really upset". Here is what I want.......................

I want an apology and that apology will be excepted in the form of...on your knees begging, flowers, a beautiful letter written about how sorry you are and how stupid you are for rejecting me and putting basketball in front of me, a clean house and my ipod downloaded (yeah that'll work) or a phone call at work stating your plan to make me not want to actually make your life a living hell for the next week.

Sorry for some of you boys to have to hear the inner workings of the female mind at a heightned state of's not a pretty picture and I'm well aware of that but come least come up with a better excuse than the basketball game is on. Fake a damn stomach problem or something. The last thing on earth you ever want to do is reject a woman and let her feel that something must be wrong with her. There is nothing wrong with are just an idiot!!!

I'm pretty sure that this anger will keep me highly functional all day and possibly the rest of the week unless something is done to calm it. I am going to lunch with The Board of Directors today (my gf's in case you forgot) and I'm not sure if I will have a full vent session but I do know that my plans for the rest of the day do not include seeing or doing anything for him.

The gym will be welcomed relief today and then the grocery store will take at least an hour. That will put me home just in time to not see him which will ensure that I don't kill him and then if I'm still super pissed off, I'm sure I will get done everything that I didn't get to finish this weekend. Anger is good for cleaning!

Boys are retarded and even after talking to my male co-workers about why all boys are in fact retarded...I feel no closer to understanding the complete lack of brain power that men live with. Watch out dude...the storm is coming!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH LIVID!!!! Stay tuned for what happens later....maybe watch for me on the 5 o'clock news (obvi I'm kidding..but seriously I'm pissed off if you didn't pick up on that)

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