Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day: Curse or Actual Day of Love

I normally am not a big fan of V-Day...I always say "it's a lame excuse to do something nice for someone that you should be doing all year anyway". Seriously, I say that every year!! This day also makes me think about my V-Day's over the years. I thought I would share these stories with you...

In highschool I was just like any other blonde bitch (think Mean Girls) bc I treated boys like they were disposable so my V-Day's were usually spent by someone taking me out to dinner and confessing their love while I sat staring into space like a complete jerk. I know I know that sounded really awful...but I did have an "ah ha" moment at the beginning of college and no longer treated boys this way. My brother started liking girls and I realized that boys were human and had feelings.

In college I had the same BF all throughout so we spent V-Day going to dinner and exchanging presents. The only time we had a funny V-Day was my junior year of college when he told me to dress up really nice bc we were going to have a really special night. I freaked out! I had all hands on deck for that one. I had my friends so nervous that my roommates were standing right out side my door from the minute my BF got there just to see if they could hear a potential proposal going down. I ended up getting a 7 day cruise to the Carribbean from him for my pending 21st birthday. I cried sooo hard..mainly bc I was sooo happy that he didn't propose...I was only 20.

The next 3 years I spent V-Day with the "lonely hearts club" aka, my girlfriends. These probably consisted of staying in and cooking as to avoid the lovey dovey crowd all while getting rip roaring wasted! Always keepin it classy with ma ladies.

I do remember my next V-Day bc it was spent with my ex, the devil, and it was the tail end of our relationship so I ended up getting a VS gift card for an outfit that he acutally never saw...haha LOSER! He also paid for some laser hair removal that he also never got to see...I love every second of that thought..I just smiled! I also remember that it was not even a fun date...we were sooo over and I just didn't know it yet.

Last year was the the best and worst all rolled into 1. I have a friend that I used to date about 4 years ago and we still keep in touch. He wanted something more serious, I didn' know the rest. So he decided that he wanted to come in town for V-Day and he asked to take me out to dinner...I said yes. Over the next several weeks I was showered with presents. One week it was flowers, the next it was a custom made teddy bear, there was candy, and cards galore! The weekend he came I felt awful bc I realized that as hard as I tried, I just was not attracted to the guy. We have nothing in common! He took me to dinner and in the middle of dinner he told me that he wanted more and I again felt like a jerk bc I knew that I didn't. When he dropped me off I was sure that he would never want to talk to me again..I mean, he worked sooo hard and I just said "no thanks", I'm a jerk! A few days later is when my BF and I really started our this year we are celebrating V-Day and our anniversary at the same time.

I'm not sure what we are doing but I do know that he told me that he has to meet his mom in order to get my present. I'm nervous and have called in my Board of Directors for some insight on this. What is the Board of Directors you ask?? My friends....we are a very exclusive group and decisions must be passed in front of the board before finalization. I'm clearly exaggerating but it's nice to throw something in front of people you love and trust for honest feedback..just sayin!

But really what I wan to say is this...V-Day is kinda stupid. Don't even think about it as a couples holiday. Think of it as a day to celebrate who ya love...your family, friends, pets, and most importantly...the gorgeous person staring back at you in the mirror!!

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